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    Problems with staying signed in in all Creative Cloud programs




      I have the photography programme (Creative Cloud Desktop, Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge), and for the past few weeks, since an update to Creative Cloud, I've been having lots of difficulties with sign-in.


      1) Everytime I reboot my pc, I am prompted to sign-in to CC Desktop. Within a few hours, I am automatically signed out, and prompted to sign back in again.

      2) In Lightroom, I have to sign-in to Lightroom Mobile everytime I load the program. I have Lightroom on my Android phone.

      3) In Photoshop, it shows that I'm logged in under the "help" menu, but when I attempt to sync my preferences, it states that I am not signed in, and I'm unable to either upload or download my settings.


      I have deleted everything, including preferences and cache files and tried to reinstall, and the problem is still occuring.


      Many thanks,