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    I didn't write that...!?!

      Hi guys

      I've got a clip with some code that I've got linked to an xml file. I've changed a couple of links in the fla and the xml but the swf is still looking for the original variable name. I've checked all over the code but to no avail...

      I KNOW this is going to be a really stupid "kick yourself in the groin" question too...

      Cheers guys,

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          it's not necessarily a stupid question unless you expect someone from this forum to tell you where that variable is assigned or even figure out your variable's name or what kind of data it stores.
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            Its a little hard to tell exactly what you are after. was it working before you made the changes? You might want to see if when you made your changes that your instance name and the linkage are set properly
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              joenez Level 1
              Yes I supposed I asked for that...I was extremely vague and not giving any symptoms at all! (sorry kglad)

              The real crux of the issue is this...I've plagiarised a piece of code in order to learn the workings behind it (it's how I learn best!). This does, however, lead to serious limitations when I only half know what I'm doing! (I've come a hell of a long way from when I first started a few months back though!)

              I changed the name of an attribute in the xml file AND the fla from 'titel' to 'title' to see if it would work. It originally did. I then went too far, messed the whole thing up then deleted the code and pasted the old code back in and started to amend that again.

              Since then, no matter what changes I make to both the xml and the fla, it only recognises the original code!

              Is there any way to view all the actions in an fla file IN FLASH? I've looked at the fla in notepad and the original code is still there along with the new stuff after it.

              I was just wondering if the same thing had happened to anyone else before (or if anyone had heard of it happening!)

              I'd post the file up here but I don't know how!

              Many thanks for your patience,

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                if you mean your changes to the fla and xml have no effect on the swf you must be missing something.

                there could an include statement somewhere in your fla that's accounting for your swf executing original code even though you strip out all the code you see in the fla. but that wouldn't account for the xml file changes not having an impact.

                there is no way in flash to view all the code with finding the frame that contains the code and viewing that in the actions panel. however, if you lifted this code from someone else, you may have decompiled a fla and in the decompiler you can usually find all the code in one location.