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    Moving Table Rows

      I am currently working on a comparison table that compares 4 products. In the first column is the feature and the 2,3,4 and 5th columns have a bullet of whether that product has that feature. After I have gathered all the information, I would like to place them in a certain order. So far, I have only been able to move one cell content at a time vs the whole row. Is it possible to move a whole row to another area in the table?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi chazeray and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately you have discovered the joys of working with tables in RH. You can't use the WYSIWYG to copy entire rows/columns - just one cell at a time. However if you are comfortable with the HTML generated you can go into the Truecode tab and copy/paste the code there. If in doubt about doing this, take a backup of your project first so you can recover if you need to. You can highlight a row in the WYSIWYG and then do to the truecode to see the selected HTML if you need help.
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            chazeray Level 1
            Thank you for the clarification Colum. I will give the TrueCode tab a try.

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              HKabaker Level 2
              The key point is to pick up everything beginning with <tr etc..... and ending with </tr>, and take care to insert all of it between a </tr> and <tr etc.....

              This works well for smaller tables.

              A strategy for sorting bigger tables is:

              1. Make the table as simple as possible in RH (borders, padding, formatting, etc.);
              2. Generate print output for the one topic, or just the table in its own topic;
              3. Sort and otherwise manipulate rows and columns in Word;
              4. Import the revised table into RH;
              5. Strip out all the source code junk from the import (it can thwart your attempts to reformat the table);
              6. Adjust table specs and formatting in RH.

              Alternatively, create the table in Word and go to step 4 above.

              Yes, step 5 is a pain. But I have gotten pretty proficient using FAR (or other text editor) to delete everything between <td etc. and the closing bracket to make it just <td> for every cell in the entire table. Then I have a bare-bones structure that responds to RH settings.

              Admittedly, a lot of people will not find this method attractive.

              By the way, chazeray, I hope your login name reflects the stuff you have to read, and not the Help files you publish. (Ho, ho, in-joke.)