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    Which macbook pro for lightroom and photoshop

    morristaub Level 1

      Have my eye on the two 15" models. One with Intel iris pro graphics, the other that also has the nvidia gt 750m. Maybe I'm making mountains from molehills. You can tell me if you think that's the case


      I will use my laptop at home always attached to a large screen. It's what I do with my current, April 2008 macbook pro. Right now a 25" NEC. I may add an additional screen as well, so I might have two screens besides the laptop, one attached via hdmi.


      Right now I don't do video work. No gaming concerns for me. Photoshop and Lightroom the bulk of my work. 70,000 image Lr catalog. Large size photoshop files. Well near 1 gb sometimes with several layers.


      If I buy the mbp with just the intel iris pro graphics card I'm thinking to upgrade processor to 2.5ghz. Will also upgrade ssd to 500gb. Or do I need, will I benefit from the nvidia card and card switching, dgpu?


      I've just been reading about problems with the discrete graphics card version. Problems with freezing video, some with problems looking at certain websites via a browser firefox or safari. I wonder if that's only with older versions of the mbp.


      And that the mbp with the dgpu, the nvidia gt 750m always uses that card when there is an external monitor attached. Creates additional heat for the computer.


      Just looking for some advice before i hand over the cash. There is only a 100 difference in price so in the end I'm not concerned about cost. Just want a computer to do what I need, do it well, and for me to have as few problems as possible. I do like to keep my computers a long time. This current mbp is seven years old in a month. The computer I had before that, a G4, lasted me eight years.


      thanks for advice...