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    Color noise in highlights in 16 bit comp (DSLR footage)




      I'm trying out a workflow to get the most out of my DSLR footage and it results in some weird color noise (not sure what to call it) as shown in the picture.


      Here's the workflow I'm using: https://vimeo.com/39979623


      1. Basically, I import the DSLR footage into a 16 bit project, apply Red Giant Denoiser and dither (noise). At this stage the footage looks fine.
      2. I then render using Avid DNxHD as video codec and change colors to trillions. If I play that exported footage in VLC, there is no noise.
      3. I re-import that footage into AE (same or new project in 16 bit) and now the highlights have gone weird and it also persists when I render the comp to h264. If I change it to a 8 bit project, that problem disappears.


      Could anyone explain what's happening?




      I'm using CS6.