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    What do I need to do to place all of my .js files created by Edge Animate into one /js directory and have the program work correctly?


      I am creating a product for a client that has a very specific and rigid file architecture. All .js files need to exist in a /js directory. I know how to update the path to the edge.5.0.1.min.js file in the HTML file that is generated by the program, but is there anything I need to do in this edge.5.0.1.min.js file to make sure it points to the proper dependent files like the EdgeActions.js file? Here's what my architecture looks like right now:









      In my PNPLM3pg1.html file, I have changed line 9 of the generated file to this:


      9     <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="js/edge.5.0.1.min.js"></script>


      Is there something I need to change in the edge.5.0.1.min.js to be able to point to the PNPLM3pg1_edge.js file?


      Thank you for your time!