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    Saving PSD to cloud

    robert.polacek Level 1


      I'd like to ask you, if it is possible to save pictures, made in iOS iPad apps like Adobe Draw, Sketch, Ideas or Line, directly to the Creative cloud in PSD format, not PNG. My case is like: I've just made a drawing in Adobe Illustrator Draw (becouse of Draw's specific funcions). But then, I need to open the drawing in the Sketch (becouse of Sketch's specific funcions). I can save it to cloud or ti iPad and then open it only like converted PNG of poor quality. I am wondering, if there is some solution of this problém.

      Thank you very much!!

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          Frank Stokes-Guinan Adobe Employee

          There currently is no support for moving content between Draw, Sketch, and Line other than through static PNG images. In the current versions of Sketch and Line (and in the next version of Draw), there is the ability to import those images directly through the Asset Browser, avoiding the need to first upload the image from the source app.


          As for Ideas, the current version of Draw allows you to batch import all your .idea files from Creative Cloud and keep all the vectors intact. This is a one-time "fetch" operation, however. In the next version of Draw, you will have the ability to import specific .idea files from Creative Cloud and do that over and over again.


          Hope that helps,


          Draw Engineering

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            KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

            In the most current version of Adobe Draw, it is possible to send the image to Creative Cloud as PSD or PDF.