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    Error! Check Activation


      I get the message above when trying to bring a library e-reader book onto my eReader and it says to ask support, so I am. Here are my details.


      Windows 7

      Google Chrome

      Flash version:

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i3

      Wireless WiFi

      Most basic user level


      Can somebody help rectify this? I see recommendations to install old versions? Is that sensible? Presumably they'll stop being supported fairly soon?

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          shreya Adobe Employee

          Error check activation error, you are getting on ADE or reader ?


          If on ADE, then you need to deauthorize and authorize ADE again.


          Launch ADE


          Help -> Erase authorization.

          ADE will be deauhorized.


          Now again AUTHORIZE ADE

          Help-> authorize computer.


          Error will be fixed !!