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    New to Flex - How far can I take video/image manipulation?


      I'm new to the flash/flex world and am considering using Adobe products for an interactive site. My understanding of all the various product, however, is still evolving so it's safe to assume and rather basic level of understanding of Flash, Flex, their related products and relationships to each other.

      I have a couple of questions before diving in, and any advice or pointers to docs would be most appreciated.
      - When the user pauses a video clip, can we pinpoint the exact frame in the video (not frame in swf) on which they paused?
      - Is it possible to take a screenshot of the current video frame?
      - How much "processing" can we do on the image? For example, can I get access to individual pixel data, and is it reasonably fast to manipulate?

      Thank you in advance!