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    how do i define render length?

    BabaG1 Level 1

      i'm helping a friend who is not an editor on a project. i'm an editor but not familiar with elements. i've managed to help out with a number of issues but have been stumped by this one.


      i looked at the file he rendered and it is 25 minutes long. the video is actually only about 5 minutes but, for whatever reason, he and elements managed to render out a 25 minute file. when i tried to render the file, the render properties window that pops up says at the bottom something to the effect that it also will be 25 minutes. i've set the work area to end at the end of the last video clip but still get this behaviour. i must be missing a setting somewhere.


      how do i define the area i want rendered out to file?




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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I'll make two guesses.


          First, your friend probably has some video clips somewhere out of the view area that make 5 minute video longer than you think.


          Second, you missed checking the "Share Work Area Only" block after you set the Work Area Bars over the 5 minute piece.





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            BabaG1 Level 1

            thanks, bill.


            i checked for extraneous clips and didn't find any. i'm thinking that the second may be the answer to what happened here. how to i change that setting after the fact? i don't have elements myself and will likely direct him here to look at this posting for corrective actions.



            oops. the screen grab didn't display when i first looked at your reply. seems pretty clear now.


            thanks again

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              If your friend is struggling with learning Premier Elements, I reccomend she/he take an online course at Lynda.com.  The instructor is Steve Grisetti, one of the moderators here.  He knows his stuff, has a well organized course and is a good teacher.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Doing a selective export of the Timeline content with setting of the Work Area Bar gray tabs in edit/Share Work Area Bar Only in export is the quicker way to get the job done...5 minute video, playing back in 5 minutes instead of 25 minutes.


                But, if you want to define the situation so that you know what happened and so that it does not happen again, you might consider the following...


                Assuming Premiere Elements 13 Windows for now, Expert workspace, you should see the 5 minutes of intended content on the track(s). Make sure all tracks are opened.

                Press the End key of the computer keyboard. Where does the Timeline Indicator stop? At the end of the 5 minutes clip or does it go beyond that point to around 25 minutes mark?

                If it goes to the 25 minutes mark, then expand maximally the Timeline with the -+ slider over the Timeline and look for slivers/fragments on all the tracks. Make sure the tracks are opened. What you are looking for can be something obvious as a regular clip that got put aside and forgotten in a far right location on any of the tracks. What you are looking for can be a fragment of a clip (presenting as a thin vertical black line). You delete what you find (right click the fragment or clip, hit delete). Then do the test again. Hit the End key and determine where the Timeline Indicator stops. If the Timeline Indicator stops at 5 minutes, you have cleared the debris, and you learn what went wrong and at the same time you need not bother with selective export of the Timeline.


                Please consider.


                Thank you.





                -+ slider above Timeline


                typical Timeline sliver

                partial Timeline expansion


                typical Timeline sliver

                full Timeline expansion


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                  BabaG1 Level 1

                  thanks, a.t.


                  i think that's how i figured out there was nothing on the timeline past the end of the piece and why i said to bill that i thought his second answer was probably correct. good tip for other new users, though. thanks.


                  bill, yes. i know about lynda.com. i think, though, that my friend and i can probably get through things with just a few odd questions once in a while. he managed to get his entire piece together with only this one hitch. lynda is a good tip, too, though. thanks!


                  thanks again to both of you,