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    cash error when opening lightroom


      Hello to all,

      I have just purchased the photoshop lightroom package, while photoshop works great, every time i try to open the lightroom app it opens with

      a message that says that there was an error while reading the cash. when i click on the "ok" button - the only option that is offered, the entire

      program is shut down. i am working with a windows 7, 68.


      please and thank you on helping me out to everyone.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Using Windows Explorer, open the folder that contains your catalog. By default that is Pictures\Lightroom, and unless you moved your catalog intentionally, that is where it will be. There will be a folder in there with the extension .lrdata. That complete folder needs to be deleted. Then Lightroom should start, and it will generate a new folder.