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    Actionscript - Randomly Loading Movie Clips - PLEASE HELP!!!


      I am trying to create a side banner Flash graphic on my website that randomly loads (one of 15 different) movie clips. Then, I need the clips to play back to back in random order - sort of like a non-interactive randomized image veiwer that plays while the end user veiws the webpage. Can anyone help me with the code? I am an actionscript novice, so I'm not sure how to approach this problem. Is it more efficient to load movie clips from the library, or an external folder?

      Also, the clips are images that fade in and out (alpha) - one image per movie clip. How can I code these movie clips so that they fade in for 45 seconds, stay for 20 seconds, and fade out for 15 seconds?

      I would appriciate any help...