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    trouble instantiating custom component

      I created a custom component that extends the TileList. The code is here:
      package com.views
      import mx.controls.TileList;

      public class scrollPane extends TileList{
      public function scrollPane(){
      dataProvider = [
      {label: "item0", data: 0},{label: "item1", data: 1},
      {label: "item2", data: 2},{label: "item3", data: 3},
      {label: "item4", data: 4},{label: "item5", data: 5},
      {label: "item6", data: 6},{label: "item7", data: 7},
      {label: "item8", data: 8}];;
      visible = true;


      I am able to instantiate this control when my default application is an mxml file but for some reason i cant instantiate it when my default application is an as file. any suggestions?