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    Filename used on web page when sharing a collection via LRM and the "Share" key in Lightroom


      Hi all!  I was wondering if it was possible to tell LRM "Share" to use something else other then the metadata 'description' when sharing a collection.


      Okay here's the scenario.  I've made a collection in LR 5.7.  Synced it to LR Mobile. Then I pressed the 'Share' button in LR grid view to generate a URL to be viewed via a web browser.  When clicking on the individual photos to enlarge them, the filename that is used seems to be taken from the first line of the 'Description/Caption' section of the IPTC or metadata area of the file.  Because some of my clients don't want their names to show on the images (people other than the client will see these images), is it possible to change where the URL making machine gets its information to display in the filename area of the enlarged photo?