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    Creating a Calendar

    Trains1985 Level 1

      I am trying to make a calendar. However, the bind is perpendicular (90 degrees) to what a book (say) would be. Because of that, the Spreads, during the construction of the project, are different than what they would appear when bound.


      Is there a way to adjust this, when this factor becomes present? Just orienting the Spreads 90 degrees does not fix the problem.



      Second, as part of this project, the total number of page's is 26. However, 7 sheets of paper covers 28 sheets, not 26. Just my luck.


      When I add 2 additional blank pages, to add the Spreads, when I go to "Print Booklet > Preview," it shows me what it would look like as though the 2 extra pages had not been added. There is a checkbox in the "Print Booklet" window, giving the option, for whether or not you want blank pages included in your work. I checked the box, but it did not seem to have any affect.



      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.