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    Inconsistent colors in output from After Effects linearized workspace.


      I'm using After Effects 2014.1.1 and working in linearized workspace for the first time. My projects are all 16bit or 32 bit, workspace rec(709) linearized. All my assets are color managed. I'm using a wide gamut monitor that has been hardware calibrated and profiled and is set to sRGB color space (not native wide gamut). I'm loving the look of the linearized work space but once I leave AE the results I get are consistently more contrasty and more saturated. This is true if I use dynamic link into PP 2014.1 (which is my preference), or if I render from AME as DNxHD OP1a for proxies, or if I render from AE to tiff or png with rec(709) color space. The original media files include 16bit tiff files (adobeRGB98) and 8bit avchd footage from an FS700 (rec(709)), the shift applies in all cases. I've read that PP is "not color aware" and "not color managed", but also that the latest version will recognize AE color management via dynamic link. I believe this is true because there was a much more dramatic gamma shift on dynamic linked linear comps in PP before I updated it. From what I can tell PP is still ignoring my monitor profile, but I might be wrong.

      After some googling I found a work around in AE: precomp, turn off "display color management" and apply "Color Profile Converter" from rec(709) linearized to rec(709) non-linearized. This replicates the shifted output I am seeing alright. I have tried to come up with combinations of adjustment layers to bring the image back to what I am seeing in the color managed original comp, but I have yet to find a combo that get's it all the way.

      Am I missing something here? Linear workspace has been available in AE for a while now so it's hard to believe there isn't a way to get the same colors out as long as everything stays in rec(709) color space.

      Any advice would be much appreciated...


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is there a reason you're not running the latest version of AE and Premiere? The 2014.2 update may (or may not) fix the issue you're describing.

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            threestar333 Level 1

            I'm not sure that my company has made the update available to use yet... but I've at least partially answered my own question. The problem is not caused by linearized work space but color management in general. Rendered images do match the AE previews when viewed in Photoshop, which is color managed. This also works for video as well, using Media Player Classic, which as far as I know is one of the few color managed media players. The shift is being caused by the fact that PP and AME and most other video players are all ignoring my monitor profiles, while AE is using monitor profiles. The work around mentioned above does let me preview what my comps will look like once they leave AE, but it makes me wonder how much is gained by using color management in AE when it doesn't exist further down the pipeline. I'd be interested to know of any other video presentation methods (Bluray?) other than browsers, that are color managed.