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    Elements vs. symbols - am I doing this wrong?




      My stage has a good handful of elements, plays fine in the beginning, then slows down as time passes.


      My stage only has the main timeline. It contains 23 groups, each with two images inside. All of these (groups and images) are elements, not symbols.

      My problem is that, when playing this on my iPhone5, the animations are fluent in the beginning, but towards the end (at 24 sec.) the playback becomes slow and rather choppy...

      At any given time, no more than 6 elements are visible (the images simply slide into view and out again).


      When I debug the edge javascript code, it seems that all tweens from start to current position are updated each frame - this indicates that playback will in fact become slower, the further it plays... this can't be right, can it?

      Am I missing something here?


      How do I optimize my animation?

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          bhjohansen Level 1

          Ok, so I'll answer this myself.


          Digging into the code seems to reveal what I suspected: When a tween's time-window comes into scope, the tween is updated every update - this continues even when the tween goes out of scope, causing the animation to run slower because of updates to an increasing number of tweens...


          What I still haven't figured out, is why Edge Animate inserts a host of 'injected' tweens when it rebuilds the timeline... I bet it would make sense if I understood the complete structure, but this stunt triples my tween count which is devastating to my animation.