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    InDesign and grayscale

    AuntyJoy Level 1

      When I place grayscale images in InDesign then check the Separations preview, they have become CMYK. How can I fix this? I'm doing a newsletter for a community group which they print themselves from a pdf I give them. It has colour front and back pages, but inside it's black and white for cost reasons. How can I keep these pages grayscale without a colour cast, which makes the machine see them as colour pages? Any help would be appreciated!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There is no grayscale color space in ID. Grayscale images are output on the K plate, and if the images are really in grayscale mode or bitmap mode (1-bit black or white) there will be no color cast and no CMY ink used for output. Most newer copiers would be able to see such a page as black and white and use the lower click charge, as long as there are no automatic printers marks or other full-color objects on the page. Check your PDF with Acrobat's output preview by turning off the K channel and the page should go blank.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you really are seeing CMY values, check the Links panel and make sure the image's mode is really Grayscale. The image could look like grayscale but be some other color space. Also if there is transparency on the page make sure your Transparency Blend space is CMYK, an RGB blend space would convert a grayscale to 4-color



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              AuntyJoy Level 1

              Thank you! Both you and Rob Day have clarified things thru your anwers. I'll make sure every element on every page is correct, and if the problem persists I'll go and see what their copier is up to.