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    After Effects CC2014 (13.2) - Sluggish and slow with Text layers set to 3D.


      I've noticed performance is pretty poor (to put it mildly) in AE 2014 when you use text layers, especially when they are set to 3D. I've noticed this on my home PC, macbook and Work PC so its not down ot a system or GPU issue. Its making working with text layers annoyingly slow. HELP!


      Running AE 13.2 on


      Late 2013 Mac book Pro, Yosemite.


      Home PC - Windows 8.1, i7-3930K 3.2GHz 32GB RAM, SSDs, GTX780


      Work PC - Windows 8.1, i7 (I forget the clock speed) 64GB RAM, SSDs, TITAN Z