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    Web service 302 object moved error

      Hi All,

      Last week, IT changed the configuration on our Cisco content switch to redirect every page request to https. Everything seems to be working properly except for our Web services, which I can't seem to consume at all. Here's the error we keep getting:

      Could not perform web service invocation "myFunction" because AxisFault faultCode: { http://xml.apache.org/axis/}HTTP faultSubcode: faultString: (302)Object moved faultActor: faultNode: faultDetail: {}string: return code: 302

      Does anyone have any experience serving Web services over a content switch that forces a redirect over https? I even get this message when trying to consume over https. Our Web servers think they're not secured at all, maybe this is the problem? I just haven't worked with Web services very much.

      Thanks in advance!


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          Daverms Level 3

          Try deleting your existing Web Services entries in your CFIDE/Administrator... (this may happen due to the existing old stubs)..
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            insuractive Level 3
            ColdFusion sometimes has some problems connecting to webservices using HTTPS.

            Try Daverms's suggestion first. Recreating or refreshing the webservice in the CFADMIN might fix your problem. Otherwise, if that doesn't work I suggest:

            Try saving the WSDL to a local location and running the webservice off the local WSDL. The WSDL should have the location of the actual webservice in it (I think the tag is <ServicePort> or something like that), so it doesn't really matter where the WSDL resides.