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    Can't change the font directly in the FONT MENU.

    IsisMarques Level 1

      Recently I noticed a strange problem (?) When using my ADOBE INDESIGN CC 2014.2 When I try to use the fonts, I can only see a message asking me to connect with typekit .

      Capture d’écran 2015-02-24 à 14.25.52.png

      But, even after connecting it to my adobe account, I can't access my local fonts. The only way to access my fonts is goint in the menu TEXT > Fonts (as seen below).
      From there I can access all the fonts normally. 


      Capture d’écran 2015-02-24 à 14.26.43.png


      The program is updated and I have no idea how to solve it.
      Can you please help me to solve this issue? Thanks a lot everyone!