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    sRGB pics desaturated after uploading

    Apteryx Level 1

      I'm completely confused at this point about what is causing this issue. My NEF photos that have only been edited in lightroom 5.7.1 seem to lose quality (i.e. much less detail in the darker shadows) and saturation after being uploaded to an internet browser (so I thought it was my browser at fault, but other people have now told me they see the desaturated photos as well—though I'm getting conflicting feedback about that, so I'm not certain at this stage. An example can be seen here showing the difference between windows live (which looks the same as Lightroom) and the uploaded image: Image quality issues | Flickr - Photo Sharing! and also the image as it appears in my flickr photostream Watching the mist | Flickr - Photo Sharing! which looks desaturated to me). The jpegs are exported from lightroom using sRGB and they look fine on my monitor until I upload them to an internet browser or to flickr. I'd really love to be able to share images that are closer to what I am seeing and working with in Lightroom but have no idea what I might be overlooking or what it is that is somehow getting lost in translation. If everyone reported that they saw the saturated versions then I'd feel more confident that it was my internet browser but one person downloaded my photo from flickr and saw the desaturated image in photoshop. So I'm really confused about what and where something is being lost in translation. Colourspace or profile information does not show up in EXIF on flickr after I edit in lightroom, but since the jpegs are fine it seems that sRGB is embedded as it should be?


      I don't have a lot of experience with colour management and any advice would be very much appreciated!