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    Redraw UIComponents

    feef10 Level 1
      How to reliably force a redraw of a UIComponent programmatically? There never seems to be accurate information on this and this can be frustrating.

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          romanczar Level 1
          I am looking for a similar solution...

          I need to redraw a chart. I know, if I change the dataprovider values which are represented on the x-axis or y-axis, the chart gets redrawn.

          BUT: I use a custom Renderer for my columns which gets his color from the dataprovider. If I change the color node in my dataprovider, the chart gets not redrawn. Why?

          How can i REALLY force a redraw of a chart unrelated to the dataprovider?
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            I don't know if this is the official method but I used a call to validateNow() for a recent project where I needed to know the height of a dynamicly filled component.

            Followed this with callLater() to run the measuring code in the next frame.


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              romanczar Level 1
              Hm... did not help me. At least I could not notice anything. My chart did not get redrawn.

              Is there any special way for charts?