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    Strange Interface Issue - Everything One Step Behind, Wrong Frame Previewed in Comp Viewer




      I'm trying to sort out a problem with After Effects CS6 that has recently appeared. The Comp Viewer seems to be rendering one frame behind where the play head sits. For example if I use PageUp and PageDown to move forwards and backwards between frames, the frame that is shown is the previous frame to the one that the indicator is sitting at on the timeline. As soon as I hit next or previous again it shows the frame that should have shown last.


      Furthermore if I use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out of the comp viewer it also lags one step behind, i.e. Zoom in, nothing happens... Zoom in again, zooms in 1 step.... Zoom out, zooms IN another step... Zoom out again, zooms out 1 step.


      Everything has been working perfectly until I recently updated Quicktime, Nivida drivers and adjusted some settings in order for another program (Cubase) to work with video. After that I have been unable to get After Effects working again. The strange thing is that I have now clean-installed Windows 7 and tried running AE at various stages (original drivers and QT version) then updated everything (including all Adobe products, graphics drivers, Quicktime) and I have exactly the same issue on all counts. CS6 is presently the only program on the machine.


      I have tested this issue with .R3D (Red Camera) files and with 'normal' H264 .MP4 files. I've also tried using the files from an external drive. Exactly the same issues appear in all cases.



      Windows 7 64bit

      16gb RAM

      2 x Nvidia Quadro FX1700


      Help would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to find anyone else experiencing this issue.


      Many thanks,