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    Issue exporting odd resolution


      I am having issues exporting a 27248x64 resolution video from After Effects. It needs to be 30 fps, and 30 seconds long. I created the file in Photoshop and have tried bringing the file into AE as a PSD, JPEG, and GIF. All are viewable within AE but when I run it through the Render Queue the video comes out as just black.  The video should be a still image with a patterned background and some text but nothing shows up. Is the resolution size too big? I looked up what the max size that AE can export and it say it can accomodate 30000x30000 resolution videos. So what gives?


      I even tried exporting a tif sequence and all of the tif files look fine. I re-imported that into AE and again it looks fine but it will not export. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are your render settings? If you are using h.264 or a bunch of other codecs then the frame size is set by the codec and your frame size is very odd. How are you going to play back this video? If this is for some kind of display or signage then you'll need to get the export specifications from the manufacturer. 

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            JKirshy Level 1

            My render settings are MOV pro res 422. But then the stadium needs the final delivered file to be an AVI. I have a feeling that the exports I have done worked but I can't see it because the resolution makes it impossible to see on my screen. They will be testing it today so hopefully i will know soon.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              What Rick said. Very few video CoDecs will go beyond certain dimensions due to how their internal compression math works and if this is for some special use case, the only way to ensure it works is to follow their specs down to the T, including possibly having to use their own custom DVR CoDec as is not uncommon in digital signage/ large screen video playback.



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                JKirshy Level 1

                where would i be able to look up the internal compression settings for different codecs?

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you want to see a movie instead of an image sequence then try rendering to Quicktime JPEG. ProRez is designed for standard frame sizes only so it's never going to work. For all of the digital signage that I have ever delivered I have delivered an image sequence as backup and used their codec if available. About half the signage that I have delivered was converted by the facility to their proprietary format from image sequences.

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                    JKirshy Level 1

                    I asked if the facility could convert the file and they said no. When you say Quicktime JPEG, do you mean to set the codec to JPEG 2000?

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Creating a compatible AVI on a Mac may be a problem. I mean Quicktime with JPEG compression....

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                        Elidesuma Level 1

                        I know this thread is a year old but I'm preparing graphics with the exact same specs and I get a black screen too.

                        File must be delivered as uncompressed .avi  (single file. 30 sec. video 4.08 Gb).

                        I'm exporting .mov from a Mac / Animation codec / 30 fps and using QT pro 7 (with the legacy codec trick) to convert to avi.


                        I tried different codec they come out all black. Also tried creating an empty 3 sec animation at that size, also got a black screens. I'm wondering if it's just the playback that doesn't work because the file is too big. I'm able to reimport the .avi or .mov in after effects and it plays fine. Everything works like a charm for animation created at 8,320 x 48px.


                        Unfortunately file will be tested in the stadium only a few days before the event.  So I won't know until then. I provided a static image as a worst case scenario but would really like to find a solution.


                        Any help appreciated.