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    Use external Web Service

    romanczar Level 1

      I try to use an external Web Service. They have no crossdomain.xml on ther website. So there is a security erro saying I am not able to load the WSDL file. But the entered URL is correct, I can open it in the browser.

      So the missing crossdomain.xml seems to block the FLash player form loading the data.

      What can I do?

      Than ks
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          peterent Level 2
          There isn't anything you can do without the crossdomain.xml file on the site. You can thank all of the hackers who create a system where we have to secure everything.

          While you can see things in the browser, the Flash Player isn't so forgiving. Your SWF is loaded into the player from a domain. That's considered its home domain. Any reference to another domain is considered foreign and the player tries to load a crossdomain.xml file from that domain to see if its home domain is allowed access.

          If you have any ability to store files on the web service, you can place a crossdomain.xml file in any location reachable by the player (test it with a browser, first). Look up loadPolicyFile in the Flex docs for details. Or perhaps the owners of the service would be willing to put a crossdomain.xml file in another location for you.