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    getting 2nd display: is Dell 4K display with 'premier color' worth the extra money?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      A Dell reseller is having a sale, and now that I'm getting closer (thanks to the help of so many of the people on this forum) to finishing my book (lots of photos, text, graphics), I'm thinking of replacing my 10 or 11-year old Apple Cinema display (1920x1080) with a new Ultra HD (3840x2160) display.

      My computer, by the way, is the 15" MacBook Pro, with the retina display.

      Question:  will it be helpful to me to have that much more screen resolution on my second display?  Will it mean I'll be able to see things more precisely?  I'm not quite sure what all that extra resolution means.  If it means that every thing can be that much smaller, then I'm not sure it will be any good for my older set of eyes, that already have me straining sometimes to see, for example, the X and Y numbers in the top left corner of the Id menu.

      And, if I go ahead with this purchase, is it worth the extra money to get the model with 'premier color'?

      Thanks very much,