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    Custom checkbox style


      Is there a way to create a custom style for a checkbox?  Basically, I want to put a letter inside the checkbox (ie, Y/N/M/C), and I would like to circle the letter if the user selects it. 


      Any time I add text, it seems to go behind the checkbox.  So I figure I could create a custom image/bitmap for the on/off of the checkbox, but is there a way to use that?  Some other better way to do this?


      Any help greatly appreciated!

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          Anubha Goel Adobe Employee

          Hey JButurff,


          As per my knowledge, using Acrobat, you can either change the line style of check boxes under "Properties > Appearance > Line Style"

          or you can also choose to change the shape of marker inside the check box under "Properties > Options > Check Box Style"

          Whatever letter you put inside the check box will be hidden once you close form editing.