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    Importing a 231 pages .doc


      Hello there!


      I'm a bloody beginner with InDesign and to tell the truth, it is my last hope,...


      Recently I started to write down all our family recipes in an OpenOffice document. Well, this wored fine for me and reight now I'm ending with 231 pages. I seperated every single page with a manual page start (is that right in English?), because then my cousin suggested to put in her genius photos.....


      Yesterday I wanted to finish my book, just 10 photos (they have page size and 300dpi each) were missing. My project grew up to 360 pages in the meantime,... Well, guess what, OO lost my photos and just 20 were left,.....


      Long story, I called Adobe today and asked them for help because I read from ID,..... Now my installation is finished and I wanted to start the written doc (I saved the odp as doc in the meantime) in ID.


      I read several times, that there would not be a problem to "import" bigger documents and I also managed to import the first page properly (and I also see a +in the corner, so there would be more data), but I can't spread it over the created 231 pages in ID.


      So I have several questions right now and PLEASE somebody help me!!!


      1) How to I import my doc properly with all my pages

      2) How do place page numbers

      3) Is it possible to create a table of content (I have all recipe names with a special type of fonts)

      4) Is it correct, that I place my photo pages the easiest way, when I insert a page wherever I want and then "place" the photo pullig it over the whole page. Is there a way to tell ID "take the photo and place it on the page as it is", because the all alread have the correct format


      I'm very sorry that I probably ask questions which have been asked very often in the past. But the best friend of my departed grandma has her 90th birthday soon and I wanted to give this as a present to her. There will be many recipes, she loved, when my grandma was cooking them,....


      Thank you sooooo much!!!!

      Martina from Germany