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    Load an animation via ng-include/routing in AngularJS


      Hello guys,


      I tried to include an Edge Animate project into an AngularJS app. I used the ng-route module and pointed the 'templateUrl' to the published index.html.

      But the animation doesn't load. It just displays a blank page and throws an error on console: "Error: AdobeEdge is not defined"


      I already embedded jQuery before AngularJS, so that Angular uses the full power of html(). (I've read that somewhere...)


      Do you have any ideas on how can I achieve that include?


      OS: Mac OS 10.10

      Edge Animate Version: 2014.1.1

      Browser: Firefox 36.0

      AngularJS: 1.3.13

      App Setup with help from this tutorial: Your first Phonegap App with Mobile Angular Ui | Mobile Angular UI