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    Help with Drawing API

      I'm very new to the drawing API, but I'd like to implement it into something I'm doing. I read a tutorial to get the basics, but I can't find how to do what I want. I want
      First: I want the user to only be able to draw in only the chalkboard area, and when the exit that area, I want the cursor to change back to normal.
      Second: I want the lines to be drawn underneath the eraser and the "Click to Erase" text. In other words, I want the drawing on a lower layer.
      Third: I want the cursor to be a normal clickable cursor when the button is moused over.
      If anyone could help me with one, two, or even all three of these issues, I'd be VERY grateful.
      Here's the FLA file i have started. http://mytimelesspix.com/bryanthomas/hockey/misc/board.fla
      If you would rather just edit the FLA and email it than post code, my email is xbryanthomasx@gmail.com