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    ItemRenderer in TileList

    Dzihan Level 1
      Hello everybody,

      i got some problems here with a custom ItemRenderer inside a TileList.

      The ItemRenderer ist VBox that contains an image and a label. The source of the image
      is a dynamic external url like " http://myserver/getSource?id=123".

      Now theses items are rerendered all the time when i scroll the TileList or even when i resize it!
      Everytime the image component is rerendered a new image is requested from the server and stored somewhere.

      So only scrolling and resizing of the TileList results in insanely high server traffic and memory usage of the FlexApplication.

      Every time an item is rerendered the memory usage increases about the size if the image (about 10 KB) or more.

      Can i make the TileList rerender its items ONLY when the dataprovider is changed? And is it even possible to cache those images already received.

      Hope someone can help me!