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    help deciphering .swf publish report

    SPGAnne Level 1
      I have a .swf I published where I requested that my actionscript classes be exported on frame 7. Frame 1 has no content other than an actionscript //comment with my copyright notice, frame 5 has one static text field that says, loading, frame 6 has a little actionscript to spin on frame 5 until all frames are loaded. My code is located on frame 10 and my content starts on frame 15, then more on frame 20. The BIG mystery to me is that when testing online, I never see my loading text appear, AND even bigger mystery is that in the publish report it says I have 84320 frame bytes on frame 1, 129 on frame 5, 56523 on frame 6, frame 7 is the Classes Export Frame, frame 15 shows 2086 bytes and then frame 20 has 411916. Frames 15 and 20 make sense to me, but what the HECK is the 84320 on frame 1 and the 56523 on frame 6?

      Thanks in advance for help from the gurus.