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    Problem with .mxf files from Sony F5

    Apex tech

      Hi folks,


      So, im putting together a bunch of shots shot RAW on F5 which are all .mxf. and I keep getting the error:


      - Audio conforming failed for the following file: "filename.mxf 4800_1.cfa" Perhaps due to disk space -


      There's about 500GB free on the drive I use for media cache, and I regularly clear cache, etc.


      I don't need audio and as far as Im aware the DOP never even recorded any.

      Its really just annoying and slowing me down a little having to click OK every minute or so.

      And I think its the reason AE Network render isn't working.


      Can I disable this, or get round the annoying pop ups?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!





      Camera: Sony F5 with AXS recorder mostly 4K 50fps

      OSX Mavericks, After Effects cc2014 + most recent updates, etc.