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    InDesign: Corrupt Pallets


      Hello - this is my first time to ask a qutesion - please bear with me. I am currently using InDesign CS6 on Mac. I also have CS5 installed on the same machine.


      When I open an existing file or new document in CS6 the pallets and tools have disappeared. I can call the tools to the workspace, but, each pallet comes in with troubles. For example, if I choose Type > Character, the pallet shows and all of the other pallets in the grouping (paragraph, etc) have lines where the title should be on the tab. If I click through them, they seem to be functioning but I don't know which one is which. After clicking too many times, they dissapear. If I separate them from the grouping they do the same thing.


      Is this a matter of resetting the preferences or reinstalling the program?


      Thank you for your help!

      ~ Angela.