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    2 pixel move instead of 1 - HELP


      Hi you all,


      I just installed the try out of adobe Edge Animate.

      It seems just what i need to make some flashy webcontent.


      But theres a bug/problem or issue i dont know about:


      When i have an object, and i rotate it and want to move it..

      it doesnt align anymore NOR am i able to move the object with the cursors to align it with the other stuff.

      Basically, my object moves 2 pixels instead of 1 pixel when i use my cursor, but also when i change the axis!


      if i set the image for example from 300px to 301px, it will move 2 on my screen.


      PLEASE HELP! I love this program so far. But this has no purchase power as of yet having these kind of bugs!