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    ePub export issues and e-book programs that work with it

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      Hey Ladies and Gents,

      • I'm working with my coworker on ePUBS for our company products but we're pretty much noobs when it comes to these. We've hit a few snags that I'm hoping someone on here might be able to clear up.
        So far we've managed to export our white papers as fixed layout but when we open them up in adobe digital editions a lot of the text content seems to overlap like below:

      ePUB layout.png

      We don't have that problem in reflowable layout but some of our anchored points and captions get misplaced (which is almost worse). Is there anyway to fix this issue in the settings with Fixed layout without having to switched over to reflowable?

      • We have them layed out for ipads and iphones. They include products photos/tables along with their descriptions.We primarily would love to have them up on iBooks and amazon for free for our clients to view.

      Only thing is, we haven't found a good program to download/publish our ePUBS to the correct format they need.

      Currently, Apple has seven approved iBookstore aggregators we've heard of that could work:








      However, Lulu is expensive and doesn't bring in photos. we've seen a program that does that for $800

      BUT we're hoping for a cheaper route; That's not exactly in our budget. We don't know much about the other ones. I'm hoping someone on here could give us some good insight on what would be the best choice for publishing our books onto ibooks and amazon.