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    lightroom desktop does not sync completely with cloud / LR Mobile

    Wee Keat

      I love LR, but it is not working well at all with LR Mobile.


      Synching from Desktop to my iDevices (via adobe cloud) is working, but not the other way round.


      I have three 3 new collections all properly appearing in the cloud and on my iDevices, but two of them never completely sync for DAYS on the desktop! What should I do?


      From day one, this cloud synching thing is not steady. I suspect it has to do with the desktop version (I am on Adobe Creative stuff, so the latest LR 5.7.1 is used), as I could see all the photos on the web and iDevices.


      PLEASE fix this problem - as much as I love LR, I think this is not good at all. It is just not practical to work on LR Mobile.