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    AE won't render the entire video

    Adam Smith Cornelius Jams

      All day i've been trying to render a video that's about 4 minutes long but it will only let me render the first 2 minutes. At first i thought it was just something wrong with one of the frames which has happened before. When that's the case i usually just skip that frame, but this time none of the frames on the second half of the video would render. It's a pretty intese edit with about 100 layers with many effects, but i have a relatively strong pc.
      Nvidia gtx 680
      16 gb RAM
      And i've never had this much problems before. Aand it's EXTREMELY slow. Even if i go to custom preview and only render every 16th pixel it still takes like 10 sec to render 1 frame. What's wrong? I've read that you should increase your cache and something like that. I've trie doing it but i don't understand what it means. I have about 10gb of free storage if that matters.

      Here's a few screeenshots of things that might be imoprtant.

      I render with H.264
      And i use Windows 8


      And when i try to render the 2nd part the "Elapsed" just goes to 1 and then stops. I don't get an error message .It just stops. If i don't do anything it just stands like that for hours, and sometimes when i try to stop the render AE freezes and i have to restart the pc

      Please help! This is getting really frustrating