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    ActionScript 3: WebService calls - Detecting lost connection

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      Hi guys,

      I am currently developing an application that calls a server side webservice
      to do the authentication. The code for it is fairly easy and works great.
      However, if the connection to the server gets lost the "fault" function is
      not called. Is there a way to detect this kind of error? I remember that I
      had the same problem with Flash Remoting in AS2 and it was quite difficult
      to solve that. How can I do that in Flex 2/AS3 with the class

      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Code (Flex 2 / ActionScript 3):
      var ws:WebService = new WebService();
      ws.useProxy = false;
      ws.wsdl = " http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/Authenticator?wsdl";

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          Hi Roger,


          I am experiencing a similar situation where a flash CS3/AS3 application using a similar code is calling a server side web service to retrieve/update data in the database. For some reason either a connection to the server gets lost or the web service call isn't successful and thus the fault function isn't called. Since you have asked this question a while back, I just wanted to know if you were able to resolve this issue?