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    I have squished up text when I export a picture book to epub. Why??

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      So, I have a picture book, all pretty and laid out for CreateSpace. I create pdf's for createspace all the time, they are all fine, this one isn't any different. But now I'm trying to make an epub version.

      I've exported it to epub, for a fixed layout, it looks wonderful, except for a few words on each page are all squished in..... like the letters on one word in a paragraph are all stacked on top of each other.


      I am a just teaching myself this program, so I've most likely set something up wrong in my original file, I would imagine. So, treat me as stupid, and please oh please someone help me through this? I'm using InDesign CC. Not sure what other info you'd need to know.


      Thanks thanks thanks for any help at all!