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    Does Adobe still support ADE?


      I've just started using Adobe Digital Editions but it seems like it's little more than an unsupported public beta than a real product.  On Windows 8.1 it crashes the moment it is minimized and support for PDF format documents certainly leaves a lot to be desired.  For example, if a file is missing there is no option to locate it, it has to be deleted and re-added.  If the PDF file properties, in particular title, creator, and publisher are missing, incorrect, or invalid, there is no way of updating, correcting, or overriding them in the database.  Editing the .xml file in the manifest folder is only good until the file is opened again in ADE, when the changes will be undone.  Maintaining a cross-platform shared database, for example between Windows and a Mac in nearly impossible.  Does ADE have a future or is Adobe only playing lip service to maintain it's DRM-enabled epub business?