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    Hide show text cells.


      Having no real knowledge of Javascript apart from altering date formats and one or two other simple things,and at my age not likely to learn script in time?, so I am asking for help.


      I have a PDF form I am trying to create. It has two radio buttons both with the same name different values "Button 1 agree", "Button 1 disagree". Both appear on the form as un ticked.


      If "button 1 agree" is ticked it simply agrees with a fixed statement. No other action is necessary


      If "button 1 disagree" is ticked it un -ticks "button 1 agree" that's if it was ticked by mistake, or if it was un-ticked leaves it un-ticked.This works OK


      I also want when "button 1 disagree" is ticked to make visible 7 text fields (1 of which has text in, the others are for typing in) at the same time I want to make an imported object (picture) invisible.


      I started with the 7 text fields, by copying and pasting script from various sources into "Button 1 disagree" Activities- Javascript, including some from within this forum but none work. There is an adobe tutorial on this by Tom Parker which gives 3 examples and an accompanying demo PDF but when I use it even the script in the article and the script in the example have differences.and shows the errors in Adobe Reader, I have tried to correct this by deleting a few '.' and it hides the text boxes but does not show them again when un ticked.


      To add to my confusion the imported picture has no name but it's properties show that it will accept action script so I am assuming the script to hide show will need to be placed here and associated with "Button 1 disagree".


      Can any one help please