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    RH6 Trial Generate Going Awry

      OK...I've got one day left until my trial runs out (got waylayed with projects). I wanted to test an existing merged help system, but this problem does not even relate to the merged part of it--haven't gotten there yet. I should note that this all works fine in RH5 using my normal computer. To do the trial, I took a very high-level folder that contains absolutely everything from the source of my RH5 project, and downloaded it to the test computer.

      One of the sub-systems was easy. After I ported all the files over to my test computer, I opened the project, and I used the appropriate single-source layout to generate it. Perfect--no problems at all. I should mention that this entire project has no sub-folders in it; both the source files and the output are each contained in one folder.

      Then I opened the other sub-system and repeated the experiment, which has sub-folders, sometimes 3-levels deep, which shouldn't make a difference. This time, when I generate, it appears to work--no error messages. But, when I try to view it, it says it can't find the file designated as the start page. If I go to Windows Explorer, locate the start page file, and click it, I get the help window with nothing in it--no first topic, no TOC. Upon further examination, I realize this is because only the first level exists--none of the sub-folders that are needed for the output to work properly.

      It seems like there is something really silly that I haven't thought of, so I hope someone out there will instantly know what's wrong and tell me what to do to finish the test before the trial software is de-activated. I'll keep looking until one of you wizards comes up with a speedy reply.


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          HKabaker Level 2
          It's reasonable to expect RH 6 to be able to pick up up a project from RH 5 cleanly.

          However, when I get around to buying and installing RH 6, I plan to create new projects and import the html files, templates and skins from the previous ones.

          I'll have to do some extra work to make new output layouts, but maybe that's a good thing. But at least I'll get all the topics, images, links, css stylesheets, and so on. I'll need to create a folder hierarchy in RH 6 to match the RH 5 project. Otherwise, the links will get broken.

          Do you see any downside to this approach, other than you wish you didn't have to do it?


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            robowriter Level 1
            Hi, Harvey. While it doesn't sound like it would be a bad idea to do new layouts, etc., especially if you've never been happy with the structure you've been using, I'm happy to report that my problem turned out to be as silly as I expected...I might even say it was a "stupid" problem caused by haste making waste (due to the imminent expiration of the free trial). Basically, since I was doing everything on a new computer, I had to re-type the output path and...here's the stupid part...I made a typo, so all the files were being output to the wrong place.

            I corrected that one little thing, re-generated, and even finished the entire merge. Everything now works perfectly. I'm very happy (and embarrassed)!

            I am now officially convinced that RH6 will work fine with my projects.

            Thank you!

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              Unless you have some overwhelming reasons, I would try the straight upgrade. If that doesn't work, you can always go again from a backup.

              RH6 hasn't broken anything I am working on.


              Your problem seems to be either what got copied across or the number of topics. I believe the trial version has a limit. In X5 it was around 25 (I think).

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                robowriter Level 1
                Hi, Peter. By now you've seen that my problem was not seeing a typo, in spite of the fact that I looked at it about 20 times.

                I agree with your advice to Harvey, also. The more I think about it, the more I see the potential for all kinds of errors, so, unless there is some reason why Harvey is not happy with the current structure of his system, I say let it be.

                Considering the fact that this was a merge help system, and it worked fine in RH6 (the problem relating more to the fact that I was using a different computer for the trial and thus opening the door for human error), I see no reason why any help system would not import from RH5 to RH6 seamlessly.

                Thanks, again, to both of you.

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                  HKabaker Level 2
                  Carol, Peter,

                  With RH exonerated of any blame for this problem, OK.

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    Sorry what problem have I blamed on RH?

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                      robowriter Level 1
                      I think he may think I was blaming RH6 (or he might have thought that it sounded like he was blaming it) . In fact, I was just identifying which software I was using in an effort to be thorough, but I was also figuring that the blame was probably mine...which it was.