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    Video Error - Problem

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      When I select the "Record" (for video) I receive the following message ....."Adobe Presenter has encountered an unexpected problem while working with the presentation.  Try saving your work to a new file and restart PowerPoint.  If the problem persists, consult the Help menu item, or contact support at http://www.adobe.com/support/presenter."  Honestly I'm not sure what is suppose to happen when I click the video button as it hasn't worked yet. So I don't know what right look like.  I know if I start "Adobe Presenter Video Express (62 Bot) my camera starts.


      Also I use an external monitor at home with my laptop .  When I select Record (video) the screen splits with the power point presentation opening up (full screen) on my external monitor and would would appear to be the working (Adobe Presenter ) interface open up on my laptop.  I suspect there in lies part of the  problem.



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I would start by making sure your video drivers are upto date. The "Record" function of Presenter 10 will record your webcam and your screen. Clicking that button is the same as launching Adobe Presenter Video Express.

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            aksfhaou olfgahfgp Level 1

            Jorrma - I doubt that is the issue although I did check with Lenovo and my video drivers are up to data.  What I have discovered is that if I go into PowerPoint - Monitors - Monitor (add select) Primary Monitor and un check Use Presenter View, Adobo Presenter seems to work (Video) but what happens is I get the full scale slide shown on my monitor and loose access to the Adobe Presenter Video Express dialog, which appear to minimize into my Taskbar.  But maybe that is what is suppose to do.  If I select "Show Presenter View" Adobe / Power Point again tries to use both my monitor and laptop screens which seems to some how affect my Bluetooth and then I lose my mouse and have to reboot.  But that is another issue I can deal with


            At this point I don't know what right looks like do you all have any sort of training video or user manual to start with.  Lots of video  touting how great Presenter is (and no doubt it is).  But I'm looking for something like  "Your First Video Presentation " etc to get a feel of what should be happening.



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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Ah, ok. For the slide show issue, I have that too. I do know there is a setting somewhere in PPT to turn that off, but I haven't taken the time to dig up that information. You can exit that by hitting Esc when it goes to slide show mode and then you should be able to work with the APVE application.


              As to a training material:


              Text/image walkthrough: Presenter Help | Adobe Presenter Video Express (Windows & Mac)

              Video walkthrough (not really training but you get the idea of how it looks/works): Adobe Presenter Video Express - YouTube