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    Importing vector graphics from Illustrator to Fireworks

    bookie56 Level 1

      Hi guys!

      I am trying to get to grips with Fireworks. I have read a lot about Fireworks being the choice of designers for websites and not Photoshop...

      Please do not shoot me down if I ask basic stuff...Doesn't matter how much you read and look at videos....input from a forum always helps...

      I have created a lot of graphics in illustrator and would like to import them intact to Fireworks - but up to now I have had no luck in getting things to work smoothly.

      When creating graphics in illustrator I name them and sort them into groups for ease of changing settings etc...this doesn't work in Fireworks.

      I have to ungroup all elements before importing to fireworks otherwise I don't see individual paths etc?

      My graphics are then turned into bitmaps and not the vector art they once were?

      Fireworks has the tools to create vectors but can't import vectors as vectors?

      I have a graphic with reflection attatched to it...If I ungroup all elements - then my mask is separated and no good...

      I have always found that one uses the tools that are designed for specific use. Illustrator is the choice for vector art...

      I know that when saving for web my images are converted to png, gifs, jpeg etc..so what is the best way to go about importing to Fireworks?

      Do I save my images for web in Illustrator then import them....?

      If I have to save all my vectors as png etc before importing - then why do I need Fireworks? I might as well just save my graphics for web in Illustrator and go directly to Dreamweaver...


      I am not writing here to annoy all the good folks that use Fireworks...just need some help getting started on the road to enlightenment...lol