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    Colour profiles.

    gnits999 Level 1

      How can I find out, using Lightroom, what profile, if any, is used in jpgs, tiffs, psd files, etc..

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          gnits999 Level 1

          Thank you for the quick reply.


          Amazed and disappointed that such a basic piece of information is not available to view or search by unless I install 3rd party plug-ins.


          Of course I can control profiles for images I generate, but I have no control over what others do with their images, especially where a profile might be missing completely.   For me, I have another crazy round trip to Photoshop to establish the profile attached to an image.


          The profile should be available in the following locations.

          a. In the metadata panel.

          b. Via metadata search

          c. As info configurable in the View screen.

          d. Printable on a contact sheet.

          e. Smart collections should provide a dropdown list of profiles.


          Profiles are so fundamental. It is crazy that Adobe have omitted this key field.

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            elie-d Level 4

            I agree entirely.

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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              In the main forum window, on the right side near the top there is a link under Resources "submit a feature request or bug report". That's where it will get the attention of Adobe.

              This is the link. Photoshop Family Customer Community

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                gnits999 Level 1

                I will post it as a feature request.


                However,  I am just a simple amateur Lightroom user.


                I am not an Adobe solutions architect, systems analyst, customer evangelist, product specialist, etc.. For me, the most frustrating part of using Adobe products is they do a good job getting to the 80% mark and then move on to the next marketing target, instead of polishing the basics within the existing modules.  Surely, someone more knowledgeable, experience, with more influence should be able to deal with these real world gaps.

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                  DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

                  Just so you are aware this is a user to user forum so that the replies you receive here are from users like yourself including some very experienced professionals and amateurs.


                  For my part I do not have an issue of not being able to see the embedded profile of an image file in Lightroom since I work almost exclusively with raw files from my digital cameras, which is the design focus of the product. The profile would therefore be applied by the user when exporting a tiff or jpeg of the raw file.

                  To me Lightroom is an alternative to the ACR Plugin in Photoshop, it is not an alternative to Photoshop.

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                    gnits999 Level 1

                    I accept your point completely but already mentioned "Of course I can control profiles for images I generate".   I also work completely in Prophoto (ie I have configured Photoshop to use Prophoto by default). I therefore get a warning if an image is opened in Photoshop with a missing or different profile.


                    However, increasingly I receive images from third parties and knowing the source profile (or missing profile) may influence what I do with the image.


                    Thanks for the heads up on "User to User".  I assumed this was an Adobe managed forum.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I also don’t have any problem with not knowing the profile.  LR has an internal workspace that is different than any profile in any image so there’s always a profile mismatch with the internal working space when importing into LR but it always converts the image color numbers to its internal profile.  If the profile is missing it assumes sRGB.


                      What do you do differently depending on what the original image profile is?  In other words why does it matter so much to you?

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                        gnits999 Level 1

                        Off the top of my head.


                        1. If there is no profile I may wish to check with the author if that is a mistake and educate them on how to embed a suitable profile.

                        2. If someone is asking me to print something (especially large on quality paper) and I find an sRGB profile, I may ask the author to send me an image with a Prophoto or AdobeRGB profile.

                        3. I get a complaint from someone that their images look very dark or prints look very dark I will want to check if they are using sRGB for web or an incorrect profile for printing.

                        4. People may have embedded printer, screen or other strange profiles by mistake.


                        For all my own work I am in control of my profiles. For images I may be working on for someone else I have no direct control.   As I use Lightroom for the management of (most of) my digital assets it makes sense to be able to check the profile at the point of import, namely Lightroom. I assume that is the reason also that Photoshop has these controls. Why not Lightroom when dealing with large numbers of images.

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                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I guess I am visual enough that I can tell when there is a non-sRGB profile that is missing—things will look pale and colorless if something other than sRGB is being interpreted as if it was.


                          Otherwise I expect to be making adjustments in LR, most of them will push things beyond an sRGB profile deeper into LR’s internal ProPhoto-sized workspace, anyway, so the working image will be larger when it is exported or printed directly.


                          The one situation I would worry about is if an 8-bit ProPhoto JPG because PP has colors spread across a wider colorspace, leading to less colors in the midtone range.  If I get an PP colorspace images I want them 16-bit.


                          Having said that, I rarely see anything except sRGB from outside my own raw photos, but I probably don’t have the varied sources you do.