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    Data Grid wilth Multiple ArrayCollections

      I am using an array collection to store a month name and a list of the monthly sales for a list of people, which are in their own array collection. Adding an item to the array collection looks something like this:


      Where someArrayCollection has the January sales for a number of people. The point of setting it up this way is that the size of the embedded array collection (the number of people to display) changes depending on what geography the user selected. Simply binding this to a data grid leaves me with two columns, one listing the months, and the other listing all the people's sales for that month separated by commas within the grid tile. How can I break these out into separate columns?

      I know that you can list out the DataGridColumns within a DataGrid and specify which field the column refers to. I'm trying to find a way to set the dataField attribute to a particular item within the embedded array. I would think that the code would be:


      to return the first person's sales in it's own column, but this doesn't work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.