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    go pro 2704*1520



      Sorry for my english but i will try to explain my problem

      I maked lot of video with go pro 4 black in 2k 48fps for uzed the stabilizer et now i see there is not preconfig the set up in premiere element 13

      I will like to use the shaker stabilizer 

      how can i do it


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements can work with 1920x1080 high-definition video as well as 3840x2160 XAVC video. There is no project setting for natively editing 2704x1520 video, Guy.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            True there is no project preset for 2.7K in Premiere Elements. But you can easily create one from an existing project preset.


            Within the hour, I will be publishing the details of creating a AVCHD 1524p60 project preset which, when used as the project preset for 2.7 K (2704 x 1524p60) video

            should enable you to use the Shake Stabilizer for your 2.7 K (2704 x 1524p60).


            I have done a work through, and it does work.


            If you try it, looking forward to your results with it. I will post the link to the details here as well as in the thread of Sergio who asked this question here last night.




            Add On...I see GoPro as 2.7K as 2704 x 1524

            What exactly is 4k cin and 2.7k cin? : gopro

            What is yours...2704 x 1520?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              This is the information on how to create your own 2704 x 1524 60p project preset to enable Shake Stabilizer to work with 2.7 K video in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 when this

              project preset is used.

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13/13.1: 2.7 K Video Stabilization With Shake Stabilizer


              Although the steps are described for 2704 x 1524 60p, you can adjust the values pointed to in the how to to match your video properties for 60p video. If you have 30p, next I can tell you

              how to do that also.


              Please let us know if this worked for you. And, please indicate the actual resolution of your 2.7K video 2704 x 1524, 2704 x 1500, or other.


              Thank you.



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                guyl88898706 Level 1

                thank you for yours answers

                i will check this tomorrow


                thank you again

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                  guyl88898706 Level 1

                  You are a perfect guy

                  that's works i can stabilize in 2.7k now


                  and now i have a new problem i cant usedShake Stabilizer with the remapping time for a slow motion but i think

                  there aren't solution maybe a patch


                  well thank you very much

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                    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                    A.T. Romano wrote:


                    Please let us know if this worked for you.


                    This topic made me curious.  It reminded me of the efforts to make PrE 9 work with 1920x1080p60 clips when that was new.  I borrowed a "27K60" clip from a new GoPro Hero 4 Black with the firmware that came out this month.  I tried your directions for modifying a preset.   I had a little trouble understanding the directions.   It would have helped me if change 2 was in two steps.  But, I finally got it.


                    The first time I tried the new Preset, it failed to work.  I checked the clip properties and they were at 1520, not 1524.  I did it over with 1520 and the Shake Stabilizer worked fine.  I put the finished preset file on DropBox if anybody wants it.  I think the owner of the clip would let you use it for testing and can get you a link if you want.


                    Dropbox - AVCHD 1520p60.sqpreset


                    For whatever it might be worth, I don't think GoPro ever bought into the Sony/Panasonic trademarked "AVCHD".  If I were to change the preset again, I would use "GoPro 2.7K60" in the name instead of "AVCHD".

                    Thank you for working this out and writing the instructions. 



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the follow up with the good news that the suggestion worked for you.


                      I followed up on your comment

                      and now i have a new problem i cant used Shake Stabilizer with the remapping time for a slow motion

                      Thanks for that question. I did not realize before the Time Remapping does not work on a clip that has been video stabilized with

                      the Shake Stabilizer.


                      Applied the Shake Stabilizer successively then tried for the Time Remapping. No go for the Shake Stabilizer video for slow or fast motion with Time Remapping.

                      Red message across the screen: Shake Stabilizer and Time Remapping can't be used on same clip message.


                      I did this with 1080p video to rule out that the newly created for project preset for 2.7K was not involved. It was not.

                      I did another test where I did the Time Mapping first and then the Shake Stabilizer. Same result - same message as when I did Shake Stabilizer first and then Time Remapping.


                      And, if I applied the Shake Stabilizer to the clip and then tried to apply a fast motion effect with Time Stretch, no go.

                      Red nessage across the screen: Shake Stabilizer and Speed can't be used on same clip.



                      Adobe has just updated 13 to 13.1, and I did these studies using Premiere Elements 13/13.1, so I am not expecting

                      any patches on this one soon. Not sure Adobe will or can make this scenario possible.


                      I would have to work through the details, but I am suspecting the way around this might be to Shake Stabilize the clip, export it,

                      import it, and then apply the slow or fast motion effects.


                      You brought up two very interesting matters in your questions. Many thanks.


                      Best wishes