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    Adobe After Effects CS4 post render errors.


      I am currently working on Adobe After Effects CS4.


      I created a video on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 mixing 2 sound tracks and a video track + another transparent video track with a logo. I've checked the project many times on Premiere Pro, and it seemed excellent. Then I imported the Premiere Pro Project to After Effects CS4 and checked the sequence again in ae cs4 to confirm it before rendering. After checking the video, I started rendering it.


      All went ok.


      But after rendering the video I got a huge problem. The video works excellent up to 20mins and suddenly the primary video became green colour, but the sounds and the video track where I set the transparent video, still works fine. The primary video was green colour till the end.


      This is a serious problem! Can anyone help me to fix it!! Its Urgent!!